The construction industry is highly diverse, ranging from custom homebuilding contractors to large-scale commercial construction companies.

We target small to mid-sized construction companies under $75M in annual revenues, as we believe we can add the most value to firms in this size range.

We recognize that one of the primary keys to success in the construction industry is accurate cost accounting and budgeting. To this end, we have the requisite knowledge of cost accounting, specifically job costing to add value and deliver results.

In addition to financial statement audits and reviews, we also provide construction audits of completed or nearly completed structures, collateral audits for funding and financing and compliance audits of all types.

Mr. Fagan has significant experience working for and providing audit and consulting services to a sizeable number of construction firms and homebuilders over the last 10 years.¬†Whether your organization has a need for a construction audit of a recently completed building or just needs a standard annual financial statement review, Morice & Layton has the experience and in-depth knowledge to meet your organization’s needs.