About Our CPA Firm

Morice, Layton & Fagan, LLP

As an independent CPA firm, we are dedicated to our clients – providing high quality audit and attest services. Our core values of accountability, competence and execution guide our practice. We provide our clients with exceptional service – our partners are an integral part of the client service team and spend time in the field leading the engagement. We are dedicated in our commitment to you, and the public, to deliver sound financial reporting and reliable assurance services. We are committed to quality service and compliance with the profession’s highest professional and ethical standards.

Why choose ML&F?

  1. Our commitment to quality
  2. Our personal attention and service
  3. Our access to extensive resources
  4. Our partner-level involvement
  5. Our knowledge of the demands and challenges of growing small to medium-sized businesses
  6. Finally, our understanding of audit and attest requirements. We can provide your organization with the proper guidance to understand the process, without fear of being intimidated.